Cross Helicoptered onto Cathedral Copper Dome

The large copper dome for the New Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco recently had its iconic cross delivered by helicopter.

CCSMR was there to witness a helicopter crew delivering a large bronze cross to the peak of an enormous copper dome they installed at the New Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco. The dome can be seen as you travel the 101 southbound from the heart of the city.

This masterpiece sits three stories above the cathedral floor and requires a specialized scissor lift to work on it. The church is receiving seismic refits and the new domes and roof give a certain old world appeal to the church that resides in the heart of the city. Fabrication of the giant dome has required specialized tools including a 30 foot table used for forming each section from rolls of copper.

Here is the crew in action on the dome’s face.

A craftsman works with copper sheeting on the face of a large dome.

The CCSMR crew installs copper siding on the dome face

A bystander at the event was able to capture the delivery on camera.

At the date of publication work is wrapping up on the dome. CCSMR is well versed in the old world construction techniques required to create historical recreations. Contact CCSMR today to schedule your historical copper project.